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About the Oddballs website...


The website you are now accessing is the second incarnation of the Oddballs online presence. The first site was developed by John Phipps using space provided by his personal Internet Service Provider. After discussions with John, Matt Pennington took over at the beginning of 2004, and launched the current site. Around the beginning of 2008, Dave Wylie became involved in updating the site on a regular basis, and as of November 2008 has taken ownership. I propose to continue making improvements as appropriate, but in essence the current site is still as designed by Matt.


The site is hosted by One.com since November 2008. This company provides web site hosting at very reasonable rates mainly for small to medium size businesses, clubs etc. The domain name "www.epsomodballs.org" was originallly purchased from Easily.co.uk, but transferred to One.com. at the same time as switching to them as service providers.

For those who are at all interested the site is built using HTML, PHP and CSS, with some JavaScript functions. PHP is a scripting language which has been used to develop all the interactive features of the site - for instance the facilities for committee members to add news items and update the race calendar themselves. In an attempt to save money the actual data entered using these mechanisms is held in simple tab separated text files. One.com provide support for MySQL, so there is potential for using this database system.

Work in progress..!

I'm always looking for suggestions for additions and improvements so why not supply some feedback!

More information

If you want to find out more about the site, or would just like to discuss any aspects of the site, then just drop me an email at .