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Epsom Oddballs - Background & Mission !

The Club is about getting enjoyment out of running in whatever form that takes; whether its for fitness, fresh air, exercise, improving personal performance, or even winning races. It is also about having fun and achieving goals in the company of others. It is amazing how so many members have improved their performance over a short period of time simply by running regularly with other people. Our Tuesday coaching sessions are very popular, and have attracted many new members.

Membership is open to any runner, male or female, who meets the above criteria, and you can be assured of a friendly & welcoming atmosphere.

The Club formed originally as the male equivalent of the Epsom Allsorts, which is an all-ladies club. However through the wonders of evolution, social change and 'political correctness' the Club now encourages all ladies to join and also has Family Membership to allow for other family members, to participate at a reduced membership subscription rate. (Family membership is referred to later in this pack).

We have strong relationships with the Allsorts, and we meet quite frequently on social, training and race events - it is not surprising that quite a few Oddballs have partners who are Allsorts (and vice versa of course!)

Contact us

If you are interested in running with us, why not come along to a few of our training runs. There's no obligation to join the club at this stage, but we are sure that you will find the effort worthwhile.

Alternatively why not drop an email to one of the committee members. The names, roles and email addresses of the committee are provided further down this page. If you're not sure who to direct a query to, then start at the top with our Chairman or General Secretary.

If you've got any feedback on this website, then please use the 'Feedback' link at the top of this page or click here!


Social Media

The Epsom Oddballs Running Club has a Facebook page to help promote the club, which is open to all. There is also a closed Oddball Facebook group, which club members can use to post messages.



Lee Goddard

Profile: Lee's role as Charirman is to focus the committee's work for the benefit of all club members. He is always pleased to receive your suggestions and comments - preferably by email.

General Secretary
Mike Barrett
Profile: Mike undertakes a coordinating role for the committee and the club and maintains contact with athletics bodies and organisations.

Mike is always pleased to consider suggestions from Club members.

Karen Bullen
Profile: As treasurer, Karen banks your subscriptions and any other income, pays out expenses and presents the accounts at committee meetings and the AGM.
MABAC rep and Men's Captain
Ian Strong
Profile: Ian organises our teams and events for the MABAC Cross-Country League and represents the club at MABAC meetings.
Kit Secretary
Jenny Child
Profile: Jenny oversees the level of kit stock, ensuring that we have adequate kit available for new members.
Social Media & Publicity Officer and Newsletter Editor
Lauren Lucas
Profile: Lauren looks after social media matters, including the Oddballs Facebook page. Lauren also looks for opportunities to publicise our club and enhance our reputation in the local media.
Lauren has also taken on the role of Newsletter Editor. In this role, Lauren welcomes articles from members which would be of interest to others; perhaps a report of a race you have done, or some amusing incident you have witnessed whilst out running.
Event Secretary
John Dorrington
Profile: John puts together a schedule of events for the Club website, and works with Lauren Nelson to get this published in the regular newsletter. This lists Mabac, Cross Country league, and Road league fixtures, and some other events which may appeal to club members.
John also compiles the list of race results that appears in the newsletter and is used as the basis for the annual club awards. He will include the results for those races that appear in the schedule of events but if you run any other races please email him at the email adderss above, including a link to the race results website (he will then pick up the results for all Epsom Oddballs members that finished that race).
Ladies' Captain
Vicki Brown
Profile: Vicki takes care of the ladies' cross-country teams that compete in the Surrey League events that take place over the winter months. She also organises our runners for team events against other Clubs, and external Championship events, in conjunction with Nigel.
Membership Secretary and Webmaster
Dave Wylie
Profile: Dave is responsible for keeping membership records up-to-date prior to the process of outsourcing club records. Dave also looks after the website for Epsom Oddballs. Please contact Dave if you think there is a problem with the website.


Joining the Oddballs

Anybody wishing to run with the Oddballs may do so on the training sessions without having to commit themselves to joining the Club. In fact, we encourage people to 'try us out' on a free trial period basis before making such a commitment. However there are certain benefits to be gained by joining the Club and paying the annual subscription - currently £10 * (plus England Athletics subscription, currently £15, for members requiring 1st claim competing status) and paid in March each year. Apart from receiving a membership card and official 'welcoming' letter (and being part of an inspirational running club!), you will benefit from discounted rates on race entry fees (typically £2 per run - if opting for 1st claim membership) and kit purchased from most running shops (5 to 10%) - just flash your membership card. Additionally you will benefit from a very attractive family membership scheme at minimum cost - an extra £5 for each member of the immediate family.

In return we ask you to participate, compete in races of your choice (representing the Oddballs of course, and wearing Club colours) and simply 'have a go'. Of course, we recognise that not everyone will be able to train on a regular basis or want to enter races - and that's fine as well. We ask, however, that you make every effort to attend the Annual General Meeting held in June so that you are made aware of the financial position and can have a say in the running of the Club.

From time to time, we as a club are asked to provide marshals to help at certain races. We fulfil this obligation by asking for volunteers from our membership.

For further details regarding membership, you should contact the General Secretary.

You may download a membership application form here.

* Please note that membership fees may change from time to time.