2017 Tuesday Summer Training in Horton Country Park – timetable of sessions. Open schedule.

1: 25 April10 x 40 seconds hill reps. Whistle needed. On the first hill rep, blow the whistle at 40 secs, runners to mark where they have reached on the hill. Jog back together as recovery, re-group and all start together and try to reach the same point again before the 40 sec whistle is blown. Repeat.

2: 2 May4 x 800m, 5 min recovery jog then 4 x 200meyeballs out”. Start at the water tap for the 800m, one left turn. Then alternate directions, so one right turn on the return. Handicap the start as necessary. For the 200m use the short side not used in the 800m, all start together.

3: 9 May - 2 x 1.5mile as a relay. Start near the top of the hill, then left turns, but do not turn left at the water tap, go straight on to the junction before turning left. Need teams and timekeepers. Mark the course with flour to reduce lost runners, or marshals.

4: 16 MayLaps in the field with the totem pole. Lay out a course of cones of your distance of choice. Run two laps round the cones at pace, then one lap recovery, then two at pace, one recovery. Your choice of number of reps.

5: 23 MayMeet and retreat”. Runners to team up in pairs, then using the 1000m rep route, each team start together but in opposite directions. Meet their partner on the course, touch and turn to retreat back as recovery to the start then repeat either in the same direction, or alternate. Although using the 1000m route, most people will be running in the range of 400-600 metres each rep depending on their pace and that of their partners. Do 3 reps, take 3 mins recovery, then a further 3 reps.

6: 30 May4 x 400m, 2 x 800m, 4 x 400m faster than the first set of 400m. Use the long straight before the hill either measure out a 200m with a turn point, or a straight 400m and mark with flour. Two stopwatches are needed for a group session.

7: 6 June: no EORC session as Tour of Epsom race in Nonsuch Park.

8: 13 JuneCJ to take. Session still to be decided.

9: 20 June: no EORC session as 26.2 relays, course of approximately 1.5m laps to be held at Imber Court, East Molesey area.

10: 27 June: EORC Predict-a-time, at least 5k, with the option of approx 5k and 5m options. *Venue to be determined.

11: 4 JulyIan to take.

12: 11 JulyLauren to take

13: 18 JulyEORC Yacht handicap 5k. One large lap around Horton Country Park. Need to prepare in advance with predicted 5k times, then determine start times for all. Mark the course with flour.

14: 25 JulyLee to take.

Other available sessions….can be endless….

15: – 4 x 1 mile. Start at the water tap, run the short side first, then left at the fork along the long side, then left up the hill, then left to return back to the water tap. Alternate directions, so the 2nd rep, right turns and down the hill. Handicap start if needed.

16: – 4 x 1000m. Start at the water tap. Two left turns to end up back at the water tap. Alternate directions. Handicap the start after the first one if needed.

17: – 5 x 800m. Start at the water tap. One left turn and stop before the 2nd left turn. Alternate directions. Handicap the start after the first one if needed.

18: – 150m, 250m and 350m set × 5 or 6 with a 45 sec recovery split into two groups probably necessary. Use the long straight before the hill just needs a couple of markers. Two stopwatches are needed for a group session.