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Communication Groups

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The purpose of this facility is to allow members to communicate easily with others with similar interests. Access to the site is via member's membership number and registered email address, which will be cross-referenced and verified. Where family members share the same email address, your membership number will identify you. If you have forgotten or are not aware of your Oddballs membership number, the General Secretary can help.

This facility is self-managed, with members choosing which group(s) they wish to be associated with. Different groups can be made available according to members' wishes. Presently, groups have been set up for Sunday training and Thursday training, but any others can be accommodated on request. Possible other groups include MABAC runners, Marathon training, etc.

By registering with any group, members agree that their email addresses are made available to anyone else within the group.

All email addresses held in the system will be encrypted for security. Only current members of the Epsom Oddballs running club will be permitted to join. If you decide to withdraw from a group at any time, you may do so by indicating on your registration page.

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