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Club running kit

On joining the Club, we encourage members to purchase (and wear!) either a Club running vest or Club tee-shirt. The advantages are:
  • This makes members easily distinguishable to other members and supporters
  • We get some subtle (!) advertising and branding
  • We then "officially" comply with English Athletics rules
Members of affiliated running clubs (like the Oddballs) qualify for discounts to race fees. On race days the runner should wear a Club vest (we regard the tee-shirt as being equivalent).

Needless to say, you need to ensure that you have a comfortable pair of running shoes (not tennis shoes, plimsolls or football boots!) and sufficient shorts, socks, leggings, T-shirts and waterproofs to last you through the year. There are other accessories which you may find useful such as a sports watch, water carrier (for the longer runs) and something to keep you warm both before and after a run (if you wish to use a fellow Oddball, or, better still, an Allsort for this latter purpose, then that's fine!). A towel, chewy bars or chocolate and some drink are also always useful following a run. Such kit is a matter of personal taste and it is up to you to decide what you need and what you want. However, keep a number of safety pins handy as these are always needed to pin your number on your vest for a race.

Additionally, we would recommend that you subscribe to 'Runner's World' which can be purchased from bookshops like Smiths. Not only does this magazine provide a mail order facility for all kinds of kit but provides a comprehensive service on just about everything associated with running.

Kit can be bought from our kit secretary (see Kit Secretary profile) or speak to a committee member.

Please note that Club kit can be paid for either by cash or with a cheque to Epsom Oddballs.

Available kit and prices are as follows (click on image to enlarge):  

Kit picture
Men's vest . . . £20
(Sizes 38, 40 & 42)
Kit picture
Men's short T shirt . . £23
(Sizes 38, 40 & 42)
Kit picture
Ladies vest . . . £20
(Sizes 32 & 34)
Kit picture
Ladies short T shirt . . £23
(Sizes 32 & 34)