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Club places for London marathon

How to get a place in the London Marathon

Each year, the Epsom Oddballs Running Club is allocated a limited number of places (usually 3) for the London Marathon, to be passed on to members of the Club. These are allocated to members on a priority basis, at the discretion of the committee. We take into account the various factors listed below, with particular emphasis on showing commitment to the Club.

You must:
  • be a 1st claim member
  • have been a member for at least 2 years
  • have completed a race of at least 10 miles in the last year
  • have helped at our events at least once in each of the preceeding 2 years (the more the better)
  • have represented the Club in events which score Bob Neville points (MABAC, Surrey x-country league, Surrey road league, Imber Court & Nonsuch Park relays) - the more points the better
Priority is also given to those not having run the London Marathon before.
In all cases, the committee will have the final say.

Although it is not a condition that applicants have applied for a place directly to the London Marathon organisation, you should do so if possible to reduce the demand for the limited Club places.

If you wish to apply for a Club place in the London Marathon, you should send your application to the Club Secretary (generalsecretary at epsomoddballs.org) by the end of November. Please include details of your 10 mile run(s), and confirmation of the Club events where you have helped.