Winter training venues now in use
from 4 September.
This is what we do - we run! But we're not as stripy as this...
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Recent Newsletters

Here you'll find newsletters past and present. The eventual aim will be to make these available in a variety of formats (pdf, web, txt messages....!) but for the time being this page will allow you to access the newsletters in whatever format they were originally created.

Oddballs Newsletter December 2017.pdf (Size: 1675 kB)

Oddballs Newsletter March 2017.pdf (Size: 772.4 kB)

Newsletter December 2016.pdf (Size: 967.8 kB)

Oddballs Newsletter August 2017.pdf (Size: 2261.7 kB)

Oddballs Newsletter June 2018.pdf (Size: 1986.6 kB)

Newsletter August 2016.pdf (Size: 1838.5 kB)

Oddballs Newsletter September 2018.pdf (Size: 819.5 kB)

Newsletter April 2016.pdf (Size: 1054.2 kB)

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